Monday, November 27, 2006

OGCE SourceForge SVN

The old CVS repository has been replaced with SVN, hosted by SourceForge for simplicity.

The SVN repository may be browsed at

SVN clients can use the URL This is divided into the usual trunk, tag, and branches subdirectories. The current 2.0.4 version is available under the tag

To check out the trunk (current) version, use the command "svn co ogce-trunk". This will put the code in a local directory called ogce-trunk.

Write permission is currently only available for project members.

The nominal OGCE SourceForge project page is here. However, we are not currently using other SourceForge features (particularly mailing lists), although this may
change. For mailing list and bugzilla info, see

Sunday, November 19, 2006

GCE 06 Photos

Photos of the GCE 06 Workshop in Tampa are available from, courtesy of Kia Huffman.

Friday, November 17, 2006

GridFTP Portlet Download Bugs and Workarounds

  • The GridFTP portlet does not have the "emptySessionPath" variable set for the SSL/HTTPS connector in the server.xml file. This will cause downloads to fail. The solution is simple and is described in detail in the "Post-Installation Steps" section of You just need to add the attribute emptySessionPath="true" to the HTTPS connector. This has been corrected in the CVS.

  • Firefox 2 will attempt to open downloaded files (which use target="_blank") in new tabs rather than in new windows. You will get a popup prompt asking you to save the file, but the "save" button will be disabled. To work around this, right click file download link.

  • TeraGrid GridFTP servers that are listed in the ogce2-2.0.4 download's default values are using an older version of GridFTP. This has no effect on remote file browsing but will cause downloads to fail. Select "GT 3.2 or earlier" instead of the default "GT4" in the selection box when connecting to these servers.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

OGCE Portal 2.0.4 Available

The OGCE portal release 2.0.4 is available from Prominent updates include

  • OGCE is now configured and tested to work with sample TeraGrid GRAM, GridFTP, and GPIR services out of the box. You can still also use OGCE Grid portlets with your own Globus installation.

  • Condor portlets completely rewritten to work with Condor 6.8.

  • PURSe Portlets added to the main build process.

  • PBS submission bug fixed in the batch job submission portlet

  • Gridsphere version updated to 2.1.5. This is our preferred version for stability and scalability.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Condor 6.8 Portlet Test Download

We've updated the Condor portlet to work with Condor 6.8. A trial version of this is available here. To use it, you need to have previously installed version of GridSphere 2.1.5. Other versions of GridSphere should work, although gridsphere-ui-tags.jar may need to be updated.

This portlet points to a Collector on our Condor testbed. If you want to point to your own version of Condor, you need to enable the Birdbath web services. Notes on how to do this are available from here. See also the CICC Project Wiki notes.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

TeraGrid Booth Schedule

TeraGrid's Booth Schedule is available from here

GCE 06 Accepted Papers Announced

The list of accepted papers for GCE06 is available from

OGCE Demos at Supercomputing 2006

The following are SC06 Demos and Presentations by OGCE members. See us also at GCE06.

  • Monday, November 13

    • 7:30-8:00 PM - Eric Roberts, TACC,, "TeraGrid User Portal: A Web Interface for
      TeraGrid User Information & Services"

    • 7:40-8:20 PM - Dennis Gannon, Indiana University Booth, "The LEAD Portal"

  • Tuesday, November 14

    • Tuesday, November 14 - 10:00-11:00 AM - Marlon Pierce, Indiana University Booth
      "The OGCE Portal for Big Red"

    • 11-noon - Eric Roberts, TACC,, TeraGrid User Portal: A Web Interface for
      TeraGrid User Information & Services

    • 3:00-4:00 PM - Dennis Gannon, Indiana University Booth
      "The LEAD Portal"

    • 3:00-4:00 PM - Gregor von Laszewski, University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory, gregor@mcs,anl,gov, Workflow solutions for the TeraGrid with application to water thread management.

  • Wednesday, November 15

    • 1:00-2:00 PM - Dennis Gannon, Indiana University Booth
      "The LEAD Portal"

    • TeraGrid Booth #223, 4-5 PM
      Mary Thomas, San Diego State University,,
      'Connecting Campuses to the TeraGrid: The SDSU Computational Sciences and Cyberinfrastructure (CSCR) Grid Project."

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