Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gadget Container, Registry, and Experiment Builder Movie Links

The links below show movie tutorials for the OGCE Gadget Container and two major new gadgets in the "ogce-all" release described in the previous post. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

OGCE "All" Release Candidate

An initial release candidate of the next generation of the OGCE software stack is now available.  The download is available by anonymous SVN checkout using the command.

svn co  https://ogce.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/ogce/ogce-all-rc1

This is a preview release that will need to undergo additional acceptance testing, but it is stable for early users.  Future updates can be obtained using the usual "svn update" command, and the release can be modularly rebuilt.

This download integrates several software components:

  1. The OGCE Gadget Container: an iGoogle-style portal container for science gateways.
  2. Experiment Builder and XRegistry gadgets for interfacing with the OGCE GFAC and XRegistry services and the XBaya workflow composer
  3. XRegistery and GFAC services for registering, launching, monitoring, and sharing application services and workflows.
  4. A collection of third party gadgets.
Everything can be built with a single command: mvn clean install.  Maven profiles also allow you to build subcomponents: 
  1. mvn clean install -Dservices-only builds only GFAC and XBaya.  These services can run on separate servers from the gadget container, and you can run more than one instance of these services.
  2. mvn clean install -Dgadget-container builds just the gadget container.
  3. mvn clean install -Dgadgets-and-clients builds the gadget container, registry gadget, and experiment builder gadget.